Loaded Potato Wedges

Hi PotM Clubbers,

Unlike our fair and media tested leader, I have very little experience both reading and posting on blogs. As a matter of fact, my social media game is so weak, I haven’t made a tweet or legitimate FB post since 2013…

However I have chosen to cast my sakoku-like ideology towards the internet aside in an attempt to write this recipe and possibly several more to follow. Below you will find a photo barren recipe for ma’ Loaded Potato Wedges. Full of bacon, garlic, and a Neapolitan cheese topping, these mo’ fo’s make people smile.


– approx. 2 lbs. Russet Potatoes

– 8. oz Chedder Cheese (sharp but not too crumbly)

– 8. oz Blue Cheese

– 8. oz Pepper Jack

– 16 oz Sour Cream (or Crème Fraîche for the fancy types)

– 2 Bunches of Green Onions

– 16 oz. Bacon (I prefer uncured, but it’s bacon. It’s all delicious)

– Olive Oil

– Salt / Pepper (to tast)

– Garlic Power (to taste)

– Smoked Paprika (to taste [don’t go crazy though!])

Get yo' Potato's in order.
Get yo’ Potato’s in order.

1) Cut ’em up. First in half lengthwise, then into thirds for larger specimen and halves for smaller ones. (the goal is uniformity of size so they cook at about the same rate). Soak them in hot, but not boiling water for about 30 min. This begins the cooking process and creates a thin layer of starch around the exposed potato. It also keeps them from turning brown, so, you know… that’s cool.

2) Pre-heat oven to 350°F

3) Place wedges into a slotted colander lined with paper towels and pat dry. Try to remove as much water as possible without damaging the wedges.

4) Toss gently in a large bowl with enough Olive Oil to cover (approx. 1/4 cup). Sprinkle in Salt, Black Pepper, and Garlic Powder to taste then toss gently by hand.

5) Layout onto one or two baking sheets. Be careful not to crowd them wedges. Place in the oven on a middle rack and set a timer for 90 min. Flip ’em every 30 min.

6) Pour yourself something with alcohol.

7) sip.

8) Cut bacon strips in half and divide between two pans. Pour just enough water into each pan to cover the bacon and place over medium/high heat.

*Smells like happiness.*
*Smells like happiness.*

9) Once the water has evaporated lower temperature to medium/low and flip bacon while cooking until fully cooked but not overly crispy. Then place on paper towel or newspaper (it’s important not to over-cook because we’ll be baking these later)

10) Finish your drink and read an article about Kim Kardashians new butt workout until the wedges are done.

crispy crispy goodness.
crispy crispy goodness.

11) Remove from oven and let cool / drain (at least 15 min) – this allows the wedges to crisp further before re-baking.

12) (If transferring wedges to a better looking OVEN SAFE dish, do so now [I went with the old school classic, le creuset])

13) In the Neapolitan tradition, we will be dividing our flavors into thirds. First, cover everything in bacon. Crumble it up, and sprinkle it over. Then, place your grated Pepper Jack over one third of the wedges. Grated Cheddar over the next. Then finally a mixture of two parts Crumbled Blue, one part Cheddar over the last third.

14) Place back into the warm oven until the cheese has melted (approx. 10 minutes)

15) Drop dollops of Sour Cream over the dish, then thinly slice or julienne Green Onions and evenly distribute over top. Finish with a sprinkle of smoked paprika.

16) Stuff Face.

Unfortunately because I was running late I completely forgot to take photo’s of the finished product. Luckily I came across some candids.

Candid – 1

Candid - 2  proof of joy
Candid – 2
proof of joy

Thanks for reading!

– Connor

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