8 Drool-Worthy Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Instagram is a beautiful place. In under 30 seconds I can see puppies tubing on a lake laugh at a spot-on meme, and drool over delicious baking.

To help you out with that last one, here are the 8 best baking instagram accounts out there.

PSA: If you weren’t hungry already, you will be now.

8. Molly Yeh | @mollyyeh

Her pics are seriously beautiful. She sure knows how to frost some drop-dead gorgeous flowers.

7. Baking it Happen | @bakingithappen

Who knew doodles and baked goods went together so well? It’s adorable and I love it.

6. taartwork | @taartwork

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The witty messages on these treats will surely put a smile on your face.

5. Alex Roberts | @kealro

First, he’s a fellow Alex. People with the name Alex are arguably the most awesome. Second, he makes some killer emoji macaroons. Sometimes you just need an eye roll cookie in your life.

4. Jo Harrington | @jojoromancer

Jo has an uncanny ability to make literal masterpieces with pie dough. It’s outstanding.

3. Samantha | @elleventy

She makes some adorable cookies…how could you possible eat those. Too darn cute.

2. Drake on Cake | @drakeoncake

If you haven’t heard of Drake on Cake, you might be living under a rock. But that’s okay, because now you can spend 10 minutes scrolling through these hilarious cakes. You’re welcome. Joy the Baker is the genius behind these, and she deserves a round of applause for her brilliancy.

1. Pies Before Guys | @thepieblog





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