Brunch Tequila Coffee Cocktail

Unless you live under a rock…you know it’s National Coffee Day. Which is great, cause I have a million things to do around the new apartment, and could use the extra caffeine boost today. Pretty sure I’m about to enter Home Goods like a tornado.

Brunch Tequila Coffee Cocktail recipe | via Pies Before Guys

And to make the errands a little more enjoyable, I’ve got this coffee cocktail to pair with your brunch. It’s inspired by the most delicious brunch cocktail I’ve ever had at the adorable Rose Café in Venice Beach. Who knew tequila and cold brew we’re such a great pair.


Trust me, this is delicious. Perfect pick-me-up to get through that laundry list of weekend to-dos. And goes great with this caffeinated pie.

Brunch Tequila Coffee Cocktail


2 oz. cold brew (big fan of Califia)
1.5 oz tequila (I used Espolòn, but any blanco tequila works)
1 oz. vanilla simple syrup
.5 oz heavy whipping cream
coffee beans, for topping


Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and pour into a cocktail glass. Top with coffee beans. Cheers to #nationalcoffeeday.



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