How to Make a Unicorn Pie | via Pies Before Guys

How to Make Your Own Unicorn Pie

Step-by-step directions for making your very own unicorn pie.

At some point in our lives, I think we all dreamt of being a unicorn, but there comes a time when reality settles in. When that sad time hits…there’s this pie. Baked specifically to make you feel as fabulous as a unicorn.


This particular pie was created to celebrate my birthday. Yes, I made my own birthday pie, and yes it was great.


Now to the good part. How can you make one of you own?

It all starts with the light-colored cream pie of your choice (for coloring purposes). I opted for this Lemon Chiffon Pie because–YUM! Whatever you choose, be sure it has a graham cracker crust or some similar cookie crumble crust.

Unicorn’s are not a fan boring things, so go ahead and shake the heck out of a sprinkle jar right into your wet graham cracker mixture before baking. Spread your crust into your pie and bake according to the recipe. Insider tip: refrigerate your graham cracker crust 15 minutes before baking to avoid crumbling later on.


Next step, get your filling together. Select your colors of choice, and split your prepared pie filling into separate bowls accordingly. Go ahead, get a little color crazy.


Now comes the stressful part. Drop some color blobs on top of your unicorn crust and don’t mess up. Alternate the layering of your colors until you’re all out of filling. Do a little smoothing on top, but don’t get too aggressive or you’ll end up with some over mixed strangely colored pie.


Make yourself some whipped cream topping, and whip out those sprinkles again. There’s no such thing as overboard in a unicorn’s world, so don’t hold back.

How to Make a Unicorn Pie | via Pies Before Guys

Chill the pie for a few hours, and marvel at your masterpiece. Cheer’s to the fabulous life of unicorns.

How to Make a Unicorn Pie | via Pies Before Guys

April Pie Club: Notorious P.I.E.

Yesterday’s motto was: going up, on a Tuesday ♫ — and I am proud to say we were successful. Although I love a casual Tuesday bash as much as the next gal, the real cause for celebration was Christine’s birthday.

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear we had pie. Occasionally I feel like I’m force feeding pie to my friends. It’s like: “I know you’re really full and you already had a lot of wine, but now you must eat this slice”…but then I had a bite of the chocolaty goodness that was last night’s pie and I forgot all about it.

This Derby Pie was a chocolate bar, crossed with a mint julep, wrapped up in a butter crust, and topped with a birthday candles for good measure. I promise it was as delicious as you’re imagining, and then some.

So next time you’re contemplating a Tuesday bash, embrace it wholeheartedly. Maybe someone will show up with a delicious pie. Never turn down pie.

Until next month, when it’s gonna be May and JT memes will overrun your newsfeed. Also, we’ll probably have pie.


February Pie Club:  Fab Ab’s 25th

image2 (1)

Rosemary is one of those herbs that genuinely makes anything better.

Rosemary cocktails? Killer.
Rosemary chicken? To die for.
Rosemary honey shoofly pie? Devoured.

So when Abby picked this pie recipe to ring in her 25th birthday, we were all intrigued. Needless to say it was everything we dreamed of. Mo honey, mo problems.

Between the dancing, laughter, and bites of pie I realized something wonderful. Of all the beautiful and amazing people celebrating, I truly only knew four before I moved to New York City (and only one lived here before I arrived). Through our pie filled journey of this big apple, we’ve built so many fabulous friendships. It’s why pie love NY.


Now that I got a little introspective for a moment, back to your regularly scheduled pie puns. Yippee pie-YAY.

And with that I’d like to wish Abby a fantastic 25th birthday. It’s her birthday & she can PIE if she wants to. Cheers y’all!

October Pie Club

Did you know that National Chocolate Day is a thing? Well it is, and it’s on October 28th. Which is great timing, because that is the same day we made a Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie [think: Oatmeal + Chocolate Cookie]. Not that we knew about National Chocolate Day either, but that’s our little secret.


Lizzie (the Birthday Queen) chose this month’s pie, which is essentially an oatmeal cookie with a layer of chocolate ganache on the bottom all wrapped in a flaky butter crust–what’s not to love? We even added a few leaves to the edges cause we’re #basic like that.



This month’s gathering took place mid-week, but we’re rebels so we popped open wine and blasted a few throwback tunes anyway. After devouring a few too many slices of pineapple pepperoni pizza, we attempted to make room for a slice of pie because ultimately none of us can say no to dessert.


Next month is the crown jewel of pie club: Thanksgiving Month! Our Friendsgiving last year was pretty epic, so we’ll be brainstorming ways to outdo ourselves. Maybe there are mini pumpkin pies in our future. One can only hope…

August Pie Club

As you might have seen in our last post, this month’s Pie Club marked one year since we began our pie obsession. Can you believe it?! We observed this momentous occasion by finally doing a few things: we bbq’ed in the park and devoured TWO pies—because the more the merrier.

August Pies |

In celebration of the original birthdays that began this entire adventure, we toasted to Allison and Connor—two dedicated friends who have yet to miss a single pie.

August Birthdays |

With summer winding down, we gave up on those bikini bods and opted for a two is better than one mentality. Allison selected the complex and sophisticated Cinnamon Apricot Pie while Connor drooled over the Trifecta Pie (loaded with pretzels, peanut butter, and chocolate. Oh my!).

You know what they say…like person, like pie.

peanut butter, pretzel, chocolate |

Keep an eye out for next month. We have no idea what we’re doing, but if I were to go out on a limb: it will probably involve pie.

April Pie Club

What’s better than a birthday celebration? A golden birthday celebration! This month’s pie club honored our golden gal with a Sunday brunch on a bright sunny Brooklyn day.


In what can be considered “typical Christine fashion”, her pie of choice was the Irish Car Bomb Cream Pie. Filled with her favorite things: Guinness, Jameson, and Bailey’s.


Pie aside, brunch was mouth watering. Let’s be real—when mimosas and breakfast tacos are combined, the sun shines just a little brighter.


Cheers to another year of The Fabulous Christine. Now that the sun’s out, we may just bring these pie celebrations to Brooklyn’s glorious Prospect Park. Stay tuned for next month cause, it’s gonna be may.